Crazy. Creative. Happy. Designer. Inspired. Original. Innovative.

My story

My name is Leandro (aka Leopat Magnus), an independent designer based in Lisbon.
I’m driven by creating unique, innovative and fun digital experiences.
My skills include product design, interactive design, aesthetic art direction, prototyping, mobile design, branding, front-end development and team leadership. I’m interested in clean aesthetics, minimalism, unusual typography, photography and simplistic UX solutions.
I Co-founded Infinit in 2007, a Brand & Digital Design atelier.
I have won multiple design awards, from the AWWWARDS, CSS Design Awards, CSSReel, Design Licks and was featured in several industry publications.
I had the privilege of working with inspiring brands in the past few years like: IHG, InterContinental, Marionete, Ndiscover, Growin, Scalla, Thinkwide, Versatiles, Portugal Waters, RealFevr, Way Beyond, FFYN, etc.

Jury Panels

Over the past few years I had the honor to serve as a jury member on award panels around the world.

Awwwards, Muse Creative Awards, Vega Digital Awards, Global Trends Awards

Say Hi

If you’d like to chat with me or want a bit more details about my capabilities, I'd love to hear from you!